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Jacob's Journal: Wolf Whisperings' Journal
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Wednesday, July 1st, 2009
3:29 pm
Where's Jacob?

((I have to say that after Breaking Wind Dawn came out, the energy left me for keeping this up. If any of you members would like to help me get the feeling back--please comment and let me know. I can give you moderator access. SMeyer really broke the fandom for me. Jus' sayin'
Friday, March 28th, 2008
1:53 am
I got my own paparazzi mojo working (with Rose)

Hey, Rose. your *dad* already saw this on 

twilight_macrosso I figured the secret was out. So I guess I can post this.
I'm sure you remember the last time you got tired of Princess Emmet prancing about in your clothes and you caught up with me racing my new bike...

remember what we did? Remember the pictures? Here's one for you. Sorry the words covered up those sexy heels you had on.

If you want an encore, you know I'm up for it.



Current Mood: pleased
Thursday, March 27th, 2008
11:04 pm
As the rush comes...

So the bloodsuckers vamps Cullens have scared Bella away, and she comes running back to me. Cause you know she loves me.
Keep up the good work Ed. BTW that caplocks thing--so last century.

Bella and I watched SpongeBob, then I got out my new bike and we went ridin' around. I took some pictures.
I say "Hah!" to shiny Volvo drivers. Bella prefers to straddle my hot engine.
Here's Bella. Taking my bike's virtue.

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008
11:14 pm
Hot babes and bonfires

We don't have a paparazzi problem, and if we did, we wouldn't whine about it.

Me and the guys were out at the beach doing the bonfire thing a few nights ago, because it was the Full Moon and the Vernal Equinox (that means it was the first day of Spring and day and night are equal) [hey, I know stuff] and we were supposed to do some tribal bonding ritual. But is was just an excuse to party.

Some college girls came and hung out with us. One is doing some paper on paleo-paganism so she wanted to ask us questions. We did the "Stories of our Fathers" thing and impressed hell out of her. She said the werewolf legend was Epic Win. *takes bow*

Paleo-pagan girl introduces her friend who (check this out) belly dances. She gave us a sample dancing around the fire. My my. That genie can rub my bottle any time she wants. She says she likes dancing to live drums, so she'll be back. Cuz I am all that and a bag of chips.

And no, I haven't imprinted yet. Quit asking me.

5:20 pm
My very first journal entry
Hey, Jacob Black here.
Ok, I had to do start my own journal cuz the bloodsuckers Cullens are just WTF. And whiney. 
I hate whiney.

Oh, the bad old ladies are looking at me!
Eww, go away old ladies. 

Like they can hurt you. Really.

Give it a rest. Like you don't thrive on all the attention.
Otherwise you wouldn't be publicizing your every kink for the world to see.
Princess Emmett...capslock...keyboards...tiaras...Bloodsucking Edward's ass virtue
It makes me hurl howl sick. 
(Which also makes me wonder...How come no one does any Bella/Angela slash? Cuz that would be something I could get into. Read THESE thoughts Eddie.)

So, if any of my brothers (and you too Leah) are out there, chat up my moderator and give me
SOMETHING to do other than read about the    Cullens.

And, um, I'm new to lj, so be patient.
This is my very first icon. I did my icon myself, cuz, the fangirls just don't give me the luv.
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